Amblyopia Care at Austin Vision Center

One of the most remarkable things about human vision -- and yet something that we tend to take completely for granted -- is our ability to see in three dimensions. But when you or someone you love suffers from amblyopia, that essential skill is no longer a given. Amblyopia can affect people of all ages, but it's especially worrying in children who are developing their visual skills. Fortunately, our optometrist at Austin Vision Center can provide whatever amblyopia correction your family members may need.

Our Austin Eye Doctor Can Diagnose and Treat Amblyopia

"Lazy Eye" Effects on Visual Acuity and Development

Because each of your eyes is located in a different part of your face, the image relayed by each eye to your brain is slightly different. Normally, the brain takes both of these images and reconciles them into a 3D stereoscopic picture of your world. This phenomenon, known as binocular vision, enables you to tell how close up or far away other objects are. Without this skill, navigating through life could be tricky or even hazardous; your hand-to-eye coordination might also be severely impaired. But amblyopia, also called "lazy eye," can and does occur if there's even a slight imbalance in your eye dominance. Amblyopia may occur due to:

    • A physical problem with one eye that reduces its vision (such as a cataract or tumor), causing the brain to rely more heavily on information from the other eye
    • A refractive error such as astigmatism that is noticeably more severe in one eye than in the other
    • Issues such as strabismus, in which the eyes are not working together in proper alignment, making it impossible for the brain to combine their two images

Our Austin Eye Doctor Can Diagnose and Treat Amblyopia

The best time to catch and correct amblyopia, if at all possible, is during childhood. The earlier our optometrist can fix this disorder, the more easily your child's eyes can perfect their teaming, tracking and focus skills. Regardless of the patient's age, a detailed eye exam can reveal eye muscle dysfunction, eye abnormalities, and uncorrected refractive errors. Our Austin eye doctor will then prescribe a treatment plan based on the specific cause of the amblyopia. Treatment may include vision therapy exercises, corrective lenses, or eye patching (in which the more commonly used eye is covered, forcing the brain to pay more attention to the lesser-used eye).

Looking for Amblyopia Treatment? Contact Our Eye Care Center

Amblyopia represents a real stumbling block to optimal vision, but it can be treated successfully at our Austin eye care center. Call (512) 477-2282 today to schedule an eye exam, and let's get to work on the problem!

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