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When you need a family optometrist, you won't want a practitioner who can only deliver a few select services. You want a professional team who can provide you and your loved ones with a lifetime's worth of advice, high-quality eyewear and comprehensive eye exams in Austin. At Austin Vision Center, we want to put our three decades of experience and expertise toward serving that very goal. Our eye doctors in Austin provide a wide range of optometric services, products and solutions to help our clientele see the world as clearly as possible for years to come.

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A Wide Range of Optometry Services in Austin

Preventative care is crucial for maintaining optimal eyesight. Many diseases and disorders that afflict the eye encroach very slowly and subtly, betraying no sign of their presence until you have already lost a significant degree of your vision. To make matters worse, some of these issues aren't reversible; they can only be controlled and managed, so the sooner we detect them, the better. Our comprehensive eye exams in Austin can detect such potential sight-robbers as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and cataracts.

Traditional eye exams in Austin require the optometrist to dilate your pupils for a better view of the eye's interior. This is an effective practice, but it can leave you with poor vision and hypersensitivity to glare for some hours afterward. Our eye doctor in Austin removes this obstacle by using Optos Retinal Imaging, a digital scanning technology that yields a wide-field image with no need for dilation. At the same time, we evaluate internal eye pressure (an indicator of potential glaucoma), eye teaming and focusing ability, peripheral vision and other eye function essentials.

An annual vision exam is recommended to check for, monitor and correct refractive errors. This vision exam is especially important for school-age children who might otherwise experience severe eye strain and poor academic performance, but we also advise it for adults of all ages. The use of eye charts and an instrument known as a phoropter can help us determine whether you suffer from nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism or presbyopia -- and if so, to what degree. This enables us to write an exact prescription for corrective lenses or even LASIK surgery. If you opt for LASIK surgery, we can perform all the pre-operative and post-operative evaluations and counseling for the procedure.

Eyewear at Our Austin Offices

If you need glasses or contact lenses, Austin Vision Center is the place to get them. We can perform the additional evaluations necessary to fit you with effective, comfortable contacts. Our enormous range of fashion-forward eyeglass frames from the world's leading designers is second to none. Our experienced team can provide personalized assistance in helping you select the perfect pair of glasses for your face, style and budget.

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Call Austin Vision Center today at (512) 477-2282 for our office off Exposition Blvd. or (512) 258-2282 to schedule an eye health and vision exam from our Austin optometrist today. We want to be your Austin optometry team

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