Eye Floaters

Austin Vision Center Can Help With Eye Floaters

As you age, you may begin to notice small strings or black spots in your field of vision that seem to float around as you move your eyes. These “floaters" are a common problem and don’t usually mean that you have a condition that threatens your vision. However, you should have these floaters monitored with regular eye exams. At Austin Vision Center in Austin, TX, we can help with eye floater problems that can affect vision.

Eye Floaters

What Causes Eye Floaters?

The vitreous body is a gel-like fluid that fills the eye between the lens and the retina. As the years pass, protein fibers that creates the vitreous fluid can shred and accumulate together. These fibers would “float” around in your field of vision. Some people have cobweb-like floaters, while others may have small, dark dots or spots in their visual field. In some cases, the floaters can make vision more difficult and can cause tiring of the eyes.

Are Eye Floaters A Sign of Eye Disease?

Most eye floaters are benign and simply a sign of aging.  They may come and go at various times.  Although you may find these tiny obstructions in your visual field annoying, they generally do not require treatment.  However, if you suddenly develop more floaters than you had, see light flashes, or experience loss of peripheral vision, you should see an eye doctor immediately.  These symptoms could be a sign of retinal detachment that can threaten your vision. Immediate medical care can prevent loss of sight from detachment of the retina.

Treatments for Eye Floaters

If your eye floaters have caused vision severe impairment, eye care treatment will be needed. Our optometrists will first examine your eyes to inspect the condition of your eye floaters. If our optometrists found that these floaters are causing vision loss, they may suggest a vitrectomy to remove some of the floaters or laser surgery to separate the clump floaters.

Make Austin Vision Center Your Optometrist in Austin, TX

Dr. Hutson, Dr. Pham, and Dr. Tomeff use their extensive training in optometry to help patients in Austin, TX and surrounding areas achieve better vision and eye health. We offer many eyecare services, including comprehensive eye exams, pre- and post-LASIK consultation and management of eye diseases. Call Austin Vision Center today at 512-477-2282 for an appointment to have your eyes checked.

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