Eye Infections

Treatment for Eye Infections at Austin Vision Center

Infections are always bad news, but an eye infection can be especially troubling. Eye infections not only cause intense discomfort, but they can also blur your vision or even threaten your long-term eyesight if they get out of hand. To make matters worse, some eye infectious are highly contagious. That's why you want to bring that infected eye to Austin Vision Center. Our Austin TX team can diagnose your condition and provide the right treatment to help you recover.

The Painful World of Conjunctivitis and Other Eye Infections

The most familiar form of eye infection to most people is probably conjunctivitis, more infamously known as pink eye. Pink eye lives up to its name by causing the white of the eye to appear pink or red. Itching, burning, increased light sensitivity, swollen eyelids, blurred vision, and a thick or watery discharge are other hallmark symptoms. While some conjunctivitis is caused by allergies, the condition can also be caused by viral or bacterial infections.

A fungal infection called fungal keratitis can plague the eyes of contact lens wearers, even when proper hygiene rules are obeyed. It's even possible to experience an eye infection caused by water-borne amoeba.

Most eye infections can resolve themselves, but you don't want to take any undue risks by putting off an evaluation. A severe, untreated eye infection can cause corneal ulceration, possibly leaving you with some degree of long-term vision loss. Conditions such as bacterial conjunctivitis are distressingly easy to pass on to others. An eye infection can also lead to the development of a sty, an uncomfortable (and infectious) bump on the rim of the eyelid.

Soothing Eye Care from Either Optometrist on Our Team

Either optometrist on our team has the advanced skills necessary to recognize and treat your eye infection. Identifying the underlying cause of conjunctivitis is critical for proper treatment. Antibiotics can resolve bacterial conjunctivitis, while anti-viral drugs may be recommended for viral pink eye. Artificial tears and other soothing topical medications can ease your symptoms. We may also suggest some home eye care remedies to keep you comfortable until your infection goes away. A sty should resolve itself within a few days, but we will advise you on how to keep yourself from aggravating it.

Need an Eye Doctor for That Infection? Call Our Austin Optometry Center Today

Don't let an eye infection make you miserable and/or threaten your eyesight. Call our Central Austin location at 512-477-2282 or West Austin eye care location at 512-258-2282 to make an appointment with either eye doctor on our team!

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