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"Dry eye" is a relatively harmless-sounding term for what can be an extremely uncomfortable and possibly even dangerous condition. When your eyes aren't sufficiently protected and hydrated by a well-balanced tear film, they can experience irritation and suffer an elevated risk of damage over time. If you're struggling with this problem rest assured that an optometrist from our team of Dr's. Hutson, Dr. Pham or Dr. Tomeff, can provide you with effective dry eye treatment in Austin.

Symptoms and Causes of Dry Eye

Unlike some eye conditions that can lurk invisibly for years without an eye exam, dry eye makes its presence all too keenly felt. The classic symptoms include redness, itchiness, a feeling that something gritty is stuck in your eye, crusty mucous remnants at the corners of the eyes and blurred vision. The potential causes of dry eye are even more numerous than the condition's symptoms. That's because your eyes don't just need enough tears -- they also need the right mix of tear ingredients. The tear film includes a balance of mucous, water and oil in just the right ratio to protect, hydrate and lubricate the eye. Dry eye may therefore be caused by:

  • Age - As you grow older you produce fewer tears.
  • Diseases -Auto-Immune diseases such as Sjogren's syndrome produce dryness, including dry eyes.
  • Medications - Some antidepressants, antihistamines and other drugs can promote dryness.
  • Moving air - Windy environments or even sleeping under a ceiling fan can cause dry eye.
  • Meibomian gland dysfunction - Blocked oil glands in the eyelid can disrupt your tear film balance.
  • Computer use - Uninterrupted staring at a computer screen can slow blinking, the action that triggers tear production.

Even if you're willing to put up with the irritation of dry eye, it's not a good idea to delay evaluation and treatment by your optometrist in Austin. Left unchecked, dry eye can not only make you miserable but also expose your eyes to the threats of infection, foreign objects and ulceration of the corneas.

Our Optometrists Can Diagnose and Treat Those Dry Eyes

Bring those dry eyes to Austin Vision Center so our optometrists can diagnose and treat the problem once and for all.  Evaluation of your tear quantity and tear film, along with a review of your medical history, can help us determine the right course of treatment.  Options may include artificial tears, prescription eye drops, treatments to unclog the meibomian glands, or lifestyle adjustments such as taking more computer breaks and avoiding fans.  Our optometrists may also advise you to ask your doctor about changing medications or getting an underlying ailment under better control.

Schedule Dry Eye Treatment Austin Vision Center Today

There's no reason you should have to struggle with the discomfort, inconvenience and potential health risks associated with dry eye.  Call either of our two offices today to schedule an evaluation and much-needed treatment from our eye doctors in Austin!

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