Hard To Fit Contacts

Hard to Fit Contact Lenses

Do you want contact lenses, but have a unique eye condition? An eye doctor in Austin at Austin Vision Center can help you out. Keep reading for more information on hard to fit contacts.

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Eye Conditions for Hard to Fit Contacts 

There are a variety of eye conditions where the patient may need a special type of contacts due to the condition they have. These conditions include astigmatism, presbyopia, keratoconus, and diseases of the cornea. 

Astigmatism is where you don't see well due to the curve of the front part of your eye, similar to that of a football. This curve causes blurry vision, and also makes it hard to wear regular contacts. 

Presbyopia is a common condition where it is hard to see things close up. Special lenses can be made so that those with this condition can choose to wear contact lenses. Keratoconus is where the cornea causes the eye to bulge forward, in the shape of a cone. 

Hard to Fit Contacts

Luckily, you can still wear contacts if you have any of the above eye conditions. There are several types of hard to fit contacts that you can wear, based on the eye condition you have. Toric lenses, scleral lenses, bifocal and multifocal lenses, and rigid gas permeable lenses allow you to enjoy wearing contacts with any of these conditions. 

Toric lenses are specially designed to fit around the bulge created by astigmatism. These lenses will not rotate and will fit the shape of your eye. These cost more than regular contacts since they are specially made contacts. 

Scleral lenses are great for those with cornea problems. Scleral lenses are large enough to fit the white of your eye, called the sclera. They are very comfortable and safe to wear.

Bifocal and multifocal lenses are great for those with presbyopia. You can order two or more prescriptions so that you can see close and far away. 

Rigid gas permeable lenses are available for those who suffer from keratoconus. These contacts keep the eyes healthy due to being oxygen permeable. These contacts are great for those with astigmatism and presbyopia as well. 

How We Can Help

Make an appointment to visit an optometrist so that you can find out what kind of contact lenses you can wear. Our optometrist can diagnose your condition, and then recommend which kind of contacts is best for you.

Eye Doctor in Austin

Make an appointment today to get contact lenses for your eyes. You can visit us at Austin Vision Center, 2415 Exposition Blvd. Suite D Austin, TX 78703. You can also make an appointment over the phone by calling (512) 477-2282. 

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