Optical Services

Optical Services at Austin Vision Center

Are you concerned or depressed because your eyesight is no longer what it was?  Don't fret, because you can enjoy clear, crisp vision again through the optical services we provide here at Austin Vision Center.  From stylish eyeglasses and sunglasses in designer frames to a variety of contact lenses, including specialty lenses, we deliver the highest standards in modern eyewear for the ultimate in fit, fashion, and function.

optical services

World-Class Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

Eyeglasses may be relatively ancient technology, but they still do a magnificent job of correcting refractive errors, blurred vision caused by eyeball abnormalities, and/or corneal irregularities. Depending on your corrective prescription requirements, we can fit you with either single-vision lenses, which correct vision at a specific distance range, or progressive lenses, which can correct near, intermediate, and distance vision simultaneously. We can provide you with high index plastic or Trivex lenses for ultra-light thin lenses, or shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses for safety during athletic endeavors.  You may also benefit from a specific type of lens coating. Lens coating options include anti-glare, anti-fog, UV-blocking, blue-blocking and scratch-resistant coatings. Our sunglasses provide UV protection and may be ordered with polarization. 

We carry over 1,300 carefully selected frames and sunglasses by the world's most fashion forward eyewear designers from Europe, Japan, and the United States including:

Oliver Peoples, Orgreen, Robert Marc, ic! berlin, Lunor, Lindberg, Barton Perreira, laEyeworks, Zero G, Gold and Wood, WOOW, Masanaga and many others.  Our experienced opticians can assist you in  choosing a frame shape and color that complements your facial features and is appropriate for your prescription.  The result will be your favorite pair of glasses, whether the style you are looking for is bold and colorful or discreet and classic.

Regular and Hard to Fit Contact Lenses

Contact lenses make a great alternative or backup to eyeglasses, and they can correct your vision just as clearly as eyeglasses. We can conduct a contact lens exam that takes your eyes' specific measurements while considering your how lifestyle, vision issues, and general health might affect your choice of lenses. From there, we can fit you with either regular lenses or specialty lenses for hard to fit conditions. Some of our hard to fit lens options include toric contacts for astigmatism, multifocal contacts, scleral contacts for excessively irregular corneas, moisture-retaining contacts for dry eye, and gas permeable contacts which can correct stronger or more complex prescriptions than most soft contacts can manage.

Get Your Ideal Eyewear at Our Austin Optical Clinic

Why put off your quest for eyeglasses or contact lenses when your ideal eyewear is waiting for you here at Austin Vision Center?  Call our Austin optical clinic today at (512) 477-2282 to schedule an eye and vision exam so we can help you make all the right choices! 

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